Senior Information

Senior College Visitations:
Seniors are encouraged to make arrangements to visit the college or school that they are interested in attending following graduation. Students must make all the necessary arragements prior to visiting a school. Parents must notify the high school office in advance of their absence from school Students must complete an assignment sheet for make-up work prior to the day of their school visit.

It is recommend that seniors attend the Senior Day at the colleges that they are interested in attending. Most colleges and technical schools will be hosting Senior Days. These visits usually help them to narrow their focus on which scool to attend. Visitation days are posted on the schools website or students may call the admission office for individualized arrangements.

Seniors students have two college visits days, which counts as excused absences. prior arrangements are requited for all college visitation days.


College Visits
Consider College Characteristics:
1. Type of school and degrees offered
2. College affiliation and accreditation
3. Admission Policy
4. Location & Size
5. Cost & financial aid
6. Campus Activities
7. Support Services
8. Majors & educational program

College Search Engine is a user-friendly college seach engine for high school students. services are free and students may register for a $2000 scholarship that is given away four times per year. Students may sign up by going to and click on the "Win a Scholarship" link. the deadlines for the scholarship are September 30th, December 31st, March 31st, and June 30th of each year.

Resources for Parents:            ACT offers free resources to parents to help students prepare for college and explore career options.            ACT’s Financial Aid Need Estimator.  Enables families to calculate their Expected Family Contribution (EFC)